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If you’ve looked at my website recently, you may have noticed the new blog index down the right hand side of the “home” section. This is designed to give a view of all my blog entries and allows further filtering by category. Like the tagroll I posted about last month, it gets it’s data from my del.icio.us profile but, rather than cluttering the list with every item I’ve bookmarked, it picks out only the ones tagged with wulfblog.

It’s also presented within the look and feel of my website rather than abandoning my visitors into the middle of the del.icio.us site. Following my posting from a couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided to stick with del.icio.us as my social bookmarking tool of choice as the ability to interact with the data is more important to me than ma.gnolia’s prettier design.

Unlike visiting the del.icio.us site, the index is based on an extract of the data made every morning. This is taken a little while after my habitual posting time so the index is almost always up to date but it saves too much unnecessary traffic for my site as well as treating del.icio.us with respect (it’s a free service and I’d like it to be able to stay that way). I’m using a simple Perl script that I based on one published by Robert Price.

So far, it all seems to be working smoothly. There’s more work to be done (I’d like to improve the layout of the results) and there are some limitations (I can only extract the last 100 entries but, if someone is that keen, they can probably manage to cope with searching directly on del.icio.us) but it’s rolling for now.

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