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Carnaval del Pueblo

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On Sunday afternoon, Jane and I visited the annual Carnaval del Pueblo in Burgess Park, near Camberwell. It is a celebration of all things Latin American and so, for us, a good “field trip” to supplement our Spanish studies.

I’m glad I took a camera as I got some good pictures. All are now uploaded on Flickr. My favourite, of Bolivian dancers from “Tradicion Andina” just after they had finished their routine, is shown to the right and links to the full set. I was pleased with how the colours of the costumes came out and also, in this particular shot, how I’d managed to catch the facial expressions of some of the troupe.

When I was looking on Flickr yesterday, I discovered that a friend of ours (Remi had also been at the event. From the pictures he took of the flamenco performance, he can’t have been more than a few feet away from us in the crowd! Compare his pictures with mine for another perspective (or follow the Flickr tags for all sorts of other views on the event).

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