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Over on the Selfsufficientish website, a discussion has kicked off in the forums about pickling beetroot. Beetroot has been a crop we’ve grown with some success and so I tried pickling my own earlier this year.

I put the cooked, skinned and sliced beetroot in a sterilised jar. I had brought some white wine vinegar to the boil with a few peppercorns added in and then poured that over the top, left to cool and then stored in the fridge.

The results were good although a little too vinegary (although that worked well when used as a garnish for something else rather than as a focus in its own right). I think a little sugar may have helped take the edge off that. I was also far too generous with the vinegar compared to the amount of beetroot I had.

However, although the beetroot is now all consumed, I am left with a half full jar of fantastic, beetroot-stained, magenta vinegar in the fridge for brightening up salads and other culinary purposes!

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