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Now the camino photos are up, I was thinking of starting the promised series of reflections on my journey. I have got as far as deciding what episodes I want to highlight. However, apart from the fact that I haven’t yet rolled them up into a neat set of blog postings, I’ve hit on a couple of other reasons to delay just a little longer.

One reason is that I’m preaching on the subject at my church next Sunday, for which I’m planning to use the same set of reflections. I know some of my fellow congregants read this blog from time to time and I don’t want to spoil their surprise! Also, Jane and I enjoyed an excellent afternoon of music put on by the Horniman Museum yesterday afternoon and I want to write about that while it is still fresh.

The performers were the Branco Stoysin Trio and they played gentle, intricate jazz that reminded me of some of a Marc Johnson recording that is one of the highlights in my jazz collection; music with depth and emotion but, unlike some jazz, not inaccessible to a more casual listener. I would definitely like to hear them again.

See my Flickr account for more photos from the day (including getting rained on walking home).

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