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My Jazz Influences – Colin Newberry

You probably won’t have heard of Colin Newberry. He was a musician and educator who sadly died a few years ago in a swimming accident, never having achieved widespread fame.

He was also one of the music teachers at my secondary school. I am grateful for the time and effort he put into supporting me and my peers as we explored music and often stayed late in the music rooms creating a dreadful racket.

With his encouragement, I joined the jazz band he ran, having to learn to read bass lines and keep up with a fast swing, and also took a music GCSE and grade 5 music theory. Without his support, I may have still been a bassist but there is less chance that I would be a literate bassist and I would have missed out on a number of formative opportunities for getting experience as I was starting.


  1. I just came across your post, Wulf. A lovely tribute. Colin often talked about you as one of his star pupils – he was, as you know, passionately interested in sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm and for getting young people interested in jazz. Success indeed when a musician excels as you have done. I remember you well from Hextable and Magnus too, of course. Hope you are well. Helen x

    • Helen – delightful to hear from you. I’m very glad I took the time (albeit a few years ago now) to write a few words about how much I benefited from Colin Newberry’s enthusiastic and informed support during my formative years as a bassist.