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What is that barely clad woman doing on my blog posting? The poor lass has been sitting on a billboard outside the local Co-op for so long that all her colour has faded and she has entirely forgotten what she was advertising!

I took the picture on Saturday when I added a few more steps to my Walking Hither Green project. I took my camera out equipped with the plastic Lensbaby lens I got for Christmas (which explains all the focal distortion) and will write it up once I have finished working through all the photos.

This shot had two purposes. Firstly it reflects the fact that, although Hither Green isn’t a bad place to live it is ragged at the heels and run down in places. Secondly, I was interested to see what kind of interest an ostensibly salacious image would generate on my Flickr account. As I expected, the answer is rather a lot, with 62 views on Monday and 39 yesterday. I hope that trajectory tails off otherwise it will become one of my most popular images!

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