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Why Was Music to Blame?

Why did I blame music for yesterday’s short post, which was only just published in time to not count as today instead? Let me run through the reasons:

  • It didn’t start on Friday evening, when Jane and I enjoyed a return trip to the Andalucia tapas bar in Beckenham.
  • Our church is having a season of prayer at the moment and so there was a prayer meeting on Saturday morning, which sparked an idea for a song, which I came home and captured before going back to help with maintenance work.
  • On Saturday afternoon I headed across to Scream Studios in Croydon to lay down a few more tracks with The Pico Brown Five; that was meant to be over by 8pm but I didn’t leave the studio until almost 10pm (thumbs up for Pete, the incredibly helpful and tolerant engineer).
  • I got up as early as I could manage yesterday morning to do some more work on my new song. I produced music for it so was able to take it to church while it was still fresh and relevant.
  • The afternoon was occupied with visiting a friend from church and helping her young son take some early steps in getting to grips with his dinky half-sized electric guitar.
  • Back home, I did some more work on the new song, trying to figure out which sections had worked and which needed refinement after the morning service.
  • That ran me up to the time I needed to head across to Croydon again for The Elusive Teeth’s slot at the Croydon Folk and Blues Club.

… and then it was time for bed!

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