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Wine Review – Fitou Les Hauts de Montluzy 2005 Mont Tauch

Adding to my collection of wine reviews, here are my reflections on another fitou:

Fitou Les Hauts de Montluzy 2005 Mont Tauch

4 February 2008 by Wulf Forrester-Barker

Rating: 2 / 5 (see scale

I was not overly impressed with this wine. It had the dark purple colour I have become used to in fitous but a weak bouquet and relatively insipid taste. I could detect a hint of blackberry and the cidery acidity that appeals to me about the variety but it was a meagre portion compared to the L’Exception 2005 Mont Tauch and without the robust character of the cheap Languedoc Roussillon Fitou 2005 that I enjoyed from the Co-op.

Perhaps part of my impression was due to the fact that I mistakenly thought this was a more expensive wine (that was the Mont Tauch, which was a good price when bought with the “buy two or more offer”) but even as an “under a fiver” variety it was unremarkable and not one I would choose to try again.


Majestic say:

Mont Tauch is Fitou’s leading producer where the wines have been described as ‘natural, bold and bursting with wicked, breathless excitement.’ This is a fantastic value introduction to the Fitou style with a rich core of savoury black fruit. Ready to drink now.

Incidentally, I had my second bottle of the L’Exception 2005 Mont Tauch this weekend – that was much more to my taste and lived up to the 5 I would give it under my new rating scheme.

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