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Fool Me or Fool You

April Fools Day is now safely behind us but I’m still getting one or two messages picked up in my blogreader (still Bloglines) that were clearly published as japes.

The problem is that the web is an asynchronous medium. Some aspects of Internet communication, like instant messaging and video chat, either work instantly or are unusable but most, including news feeds, work on the principal that they will be picked up some time after they have been published. Bloglines is generally very good about picking up feeds quickly but there are sometimes delays.

As I recall, the rule for Fools Day is that attempts after midday play the fool card back to the dealer. Even discounting the factor of international time differences, it means that I’m now seeing plenty of people looking foolish on the web. It is just as well I always try to remember not to treat anything found on the web as accurate until I have confirmed it from multiple sources.

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