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Deciding to Walk

I’ve got to be out the house early this morning because I’m catching a train down to Southampton, where I will be spending the day visiting colleagues doing work in areas related to what I’m doing in Oxford. My original plan was to take my bike on the train and, after a couple of long phone calls, managed to arrange that… I think. However all I have to go on is a reference number – no paperwork or even an email confirmation.

Since I have long gaps between appointments, I have decided to fall back on plan B and rely on walking between destinations. I don’t want the potential complication of finding out that I can’t take my bike on the train for some reason. That would mean leaving it locked at the station all day (reasonable), carrying equipment like my cycling helmet round all day (awkward) and probably missing the train I booked on (which would cut out the time needed to walk to my first meeting).

Instead, I am going to take the opportunity to walk round (and practise my skill of reading during my perambulations); I also plan to find out more from the station about taking bikes on trains so my options are more open next time an opportunity like this comes up.

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