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Free Heat

Ovens are great tools but recipes frequently ask for them to bepreheated. My present oven takes an age to warm up and I am sure thiswastes a lot of energy. However, if I am going to do things like bakebread, I need to pay for it. However, since I would be paying for itanyway, any extra use I can get out of the heat is effectively free.This does take a bit of extra planning but there are often otherthings that can benefit.

For example, the other day I was baking some breaded fish. I alsohad some lamb bones left so I put them on the bottom shelf in a trayof water before switching the oven on. The fish only needed about 15minutes once the right temperature had been reached but I left thebones and water in there for longer while the oven cooled down again.The result was not only a well-cooked bit of fish but also a lambstock for use in the following day’s meal.

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