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Turn Off the Lights

I have decided to write a short series of posts on some simpleideas to be more eco-friendly. Each of these ideas will seem trivialbut they are all things I try to follow and which make my demands onthe Earth’s resources slightly smaller.

Firstly, lights. I did not get round to blogging about Earth Hour but I did switchof all my lights for an hour on Saturday 28 March. As a more generalhabit, I try to minimise the amount of lights I use round the house.For example, I don’t need to switch on any lights when evening startsto fall if I am doing something like practising a musical instrument(unless I’m working on sight reading!).

Another example is my front room. It has two lights but, most ofthe time, I only need one on. Use light where you need it and enjoythe beauty (and energy savings) of low, subdued lighting.

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