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Gigging Weekend — Follow-up

Both the gigs I wrote about on Saturday went well. It was beautiful weather for doing an outdoor jazz gig (albeit lathered with suncream and wearing a hat) and the Elusive Teeth songs came back with a clam-per-song ratio that wasn’t much higher than when I was in regular practise with the band (helped a lot by the fact I had most of the bass lines notated, giving me a good outline to start me off).

Almost top marks for the sat nav, too. It got me through some unfamiliar bits of London with only one dead end en-route. Given the number of roads it did take me down, that is an acceptably low error rate and it was certainly much easier than having to constantly pull over or wait for a slow traffic light to check the next few streets in a road map.

All in all, a very satisfactory weekend.

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