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Friday 31 July 2009
by Wulf
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For LivPurpleNow, here is my chai recipe, picked up by observing the friend who gave us the spices. Boil 0.5 tsp tea leaves and 0.25 tsp spices per cup of water (250ml). Add milk to the boiling mixture Strain and … Continue reading

Thursday 30 July 2009
by Wulf
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Lost… and Found!

Jane and I know that our present accommodation is only a temporary measure so we have not bothered to unpack all of our boxes. This may help with further decluttering once we do settle down for a bit longer as … Continue reading

Tuesday 28 July 2009
by Wulf
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A Measured Boil

A few months ago I did a run of ecotips. Since then, I have picked up a plug that measures the power drawn through it. It cost less than £10 in Maplins and allows me to gauge the energy consumption … Continue reading

Monday 27 July 2009
by Wulf
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Music Festival Programme

I have found an online programme for the summer music festival at All Saints, Headington, which I wrote about last week. Want to add something? Please join the conversation about this posting (nb. Yahoo! account required to log into Flickr). … Continue reading

Sunday 26 July 2009
by Wulf
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Somos Peregrinos

I have been thinking about my travels along the Camino de Santiago again over the last few days. Tonight our housegroup is leading the service at St Clements on the theme of journeys and one of my contributions will be … Continue reading

Friday 24 July 2009
by Wulf
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Timber Wolf

I had a fantastic day on Tuesday at the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens with some friends visiting the Oxford area. Of course, that puts me back in the situation of a backlog of photographs to work through! Enjoy the … Continue reading