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As I mentioned yesterday, I was not very happy to see more snow coming down. It was quite disruptive — for example, round Oxford, the bus companies reduced or suspended services for part of the day. However, by the afternoon the thaw had returned and, this morning, the snow is still on the retreat.

I will be glad to see the back of it but, inconsistently, I don’t want it to disappear too quickly. If there is enough around on Saturday morning, I have an idea about using it to experiment with some ideas about changing the layout of the vegetable beds in the garden. I have done some sketches but snow will be an excellent material in which to sketch out my ideas at life size, adjusting as required.

If it works out, that could put a whole new perspective on my view of snow; not just a pretty but inconvenient white blanket but a free provision of design prototyping material!

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