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A Surfeit of Wallanders

The BBC has recently been showing another Swedish adaptation of Henning Mankell’s p0liceman, Wallander. This one is played by Rolf Lassgård and a couple of episodes can be found on the iPlayer site until Friday this week, including the one I watched last night, Pyramiden.

I have been very impressed with all three. The English version, with Kenneth Branagh in the lead role, was impeccably filmed although I did notice that, while based on the books, the script writers had taken quite a few liberties in how they rearranged the various plots and sub-plots. The other Swedish version (I know of), with Krister Henriksson, avoided that by beginning with a novel from the end of the series and moving forward with stories written specifically for the show.

Lassgård’s portrayal is, as I recall, a reasonably faithful adaptation of The Pyramid although, not having a copy of my own I cannot be entirely sure. Perhaps my title is unfair. We do not really have too many Wallander’s. Each brings its own perspective and prevents the imagination being squeezed too much into any one mould when reading the books. Just as there is space for a multitude of Sherlock Holmeses, I think Mankell’s character is strong enough to bear these and future appearances.


  1. Excellent original stories – in the books – to read; equally good were the “written for TV” stories, with Krister Henrikson… I would say, however, that Rolf Lassgard’s portrayal and the rest of these ‘3rd version’ series are the probably the ‘best, of these three fine interpretations.
    Anymore – of any of them – to come???

    • I don’t know but I will be keeping any eye out. I think the written series might have come to an end through; I just have the final book, “A Troubled Man”, to read.


  2. the ultimate Wallender is Krister Henriksson – I can enjoy no other… Techincally the English version may be good but Brannagh does not make a convincing Swede, and I find Rolf Lassgard a little wooden. Henriksson was more humane, less angry and had that little twinkle in his eye and even in his voice when he called “Tack tacka!” 😉

  3. Love them all. They make a refreshing change from the usual English language equivelant.

  4. Would be great if everybody hadn’t already seen it two times!