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Nice Rice Bread

I made another loaf of bread last night with two twists in the recipe. Firstly, I ground up some rice to make flour and combined that with the strong bread flour I normally use. The combination was about 85% white flour, 5% malthouse flour (wholemeal with seeds) and 10% rice flour) although I was not very scientific in how I balanced these; I just went for my standard 600g total weight of flour (dry ingredients rounded off with 12g each of salt and yeast).

I was also haphazard about the olive oil I added (two small glugs!). Rather than mix it with the water, I used slightly less water than normal (400g) and then, once I had combined wet and dry into a dough, added the oil on top and massaged it in. I wanted the oil to coat the hydrated grains of flour.

I will have to revisit that approach again, perhaps next time I do a non-rice flour loaf. However, it did seem to yield a very silky, easy to work dough and is perhaps not dissimilar to the “oiled board” approach Mo mentioned in response to my previous bread post.


  1. Thank you for the mention… but how was the bread? 🙂