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It’s OFF!

The biggest booking Peter and the Wulf had lined up for the year was an appearance on the second stage at Oxford Folk Festival. Unfortunately, having looked at the books, the organisers have decided they can’t take the financial risk of trying to run the festival this year and so OxFolkFest is now simply OFF.

At least it wasn’t our only chance to play, on which theme it falls to me to remind you that we are hosting our monthly (3rd Sunday) folk session at the Isis Farmhouse, along the Thames path near Iffley lock, this Sunday from about 6:30 – 9pm. Musicians, friends and strangers all welcome.

One Comment

  1. It’s such a shame that these things get cancelled these days. Is it a sign of our times? It’s hardly in the spirit of a Folk Festival is it? ‘Financial risk’ I mean. And so annoying for you.
    Hope the monthly session goes well, with lots of new strangers 🙂