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Lettuce Give Thanks

Growing lettuce, one specimen noticeably bigger than its peers


I had my first harvest from the Lettuce I planted in the polytunnel last October today. One of the plants was much bigger than the others (partly because most or all of the ones I planted out in the same batch got devoured by slugs or pests) and I decided that it was big enough to pick. It joins some cheese, pickled onions and mayonnaise in today’s lunchtime sandwich.

With longer days and warmer temperatures, it should not be too long until other plants in the same bed also reach a decent size. Meanwhile, I have just potted up some of the next batch of lettuce seedlings so that, as I create gaps, I can fill them. It is a regular lettuce production line here!

One Comment

  1. I bet that tasted good!
    I really must get a handle on my salad leaves this year. I start with a ‘production line’ plan but it usually goes adrift somewhere along the line.