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Sensible People Don’t Play with Fire…

Close up shot of a fire pit, with flames bursting through the cooking grill.


… they use it to cook their dinner.

When we moved into our house last year we entertained the notion of getting a wood-burning stove fitted in the living room. However, on weighing up both the price of a proper install and the fact that we have very few evenings when we actually have long enough sitting in the living room to make it worthwhile (often either being out or upstairs working in our “creative room”), we decided that we were not ready to pursue that particular dream.

As an alternative, we have had in mind to get something to burn things outside. Today we visited a nearby garden centre to get some more bags of compost for the garden and saw a fire pit on offer. We have stacks of combustible material in the garden, collected from various trimmings we made last year. Much of it is a bit damp as we have not had it under cover but, with contributions from the recycling bin and our collection of rather scrappy bits of salvaged wood that might have been useful to build something one day, we managed to get enough of a blaze going to reduce the stacks of garden waste a bit and cook a decent BBQ meal as well.


  1. That’s great! A bargain that’s useful 🙂 We have been tempted but have always dithered. We might build one this summer, but we have a long list of ‘things to do’.

    • I could probably have got a slightly better deal shopping online but a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Actually, when it comes to birds, I’d much rather see them happily darting in and out of the bushes but, for things, there is a lot of value in actually being able to get a feel for an artifact, such as build and material quality, before spending money on it.

      Finding some resources to do a DIY version was another option but I hadn’t seen anything suitable as a starting point in the last few months.

      What are you thinking of using to build your one?