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I completed my 2011 census return this morning using the online form. It took about quarter of an hour and was a relatively painless experience. I was impressed with the online site; it was smartly presented and guided me through the required answers with ease. The only thing I might have wanted to see was the size limits for each field; perhaps a dynamic countdown (as found on most Twitter clients) would have been a good way to do that?

Overall though, an easy task, helped by a good website, and I look forward to hearing the initial analysis of how it paints the shape of 21st Century Britain.


  1. Erm…aren’t you too early?

    • Yes and no. Yes, because the census date is actually 27 March; no on the grounds that my data is very likely to be perfectly accurate for that date.

      I missed the bit about the date when I filled it in. Rather than work through the paper copy, I jumped straight to the website using the code given. That didn’t throw up any warning message and so I happily submitted. I do think that, if not filling it in until after 27 March is important, that information should have been made very visible at every entry point to completing it. I thought I was late receiving the form and didn’t want to put it on one side where I might have forgotten about it, having blithely assumed that it was a census of population in March rather than being fixed to one date.

      • I did wonder about it actually letting you submit before the due date online. It kind of negates the request to fill it out on 27th March doesn’t it? If I’d known it would let you I would have got mine out of the way as soon as it arrvied too. Unfortunately I’m pre-programmed to read everything before I act 🙂