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Lemon Curd Redux

Last month, I described how I attempted a lemon curd recipe and ended up with scrambled curd instead. Yesterday I returned to the fray, employing what I learned from that experience. This time I blended the lemon and sugar on the hob to taste before adding butter. I allowed this to cool as I set up the water bath in the slow cooker. All I forgot was measuring the temperature of the bath before adding the mixture and working in the eggs but I managed to get away with that.

The result was all that I had hoped for. The next step is to try this approach with something other than lemon. Orange or lime would be obvious choices but, unless the acid plays more of a role than I suspect, a wider range of fruits might be suitable.


  1. If the acid does turn out to be a significant component, you could possibly add some from another source (e.g. cream of tartar) while using less acidic fruits.

    However, the Wikipedia article on lemon curd (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemon_curd) lists a number of other fruit curds, so it should be possible to get them to work.

  2. I just bought a boat load of lemons (on offer for Shrove Tuesday already) with the hopes of having a go at Lemon Curd. It’s encouraging to know that you’ve cracked it, although I shall be mortified if mine ends up scambled 🙂