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Libraries and eBooks

I don’t think there is anyone else in the world with the same name as me. That isn’t true of Steve Lawson (bassist), who posted a tweet earlier today that put me onto an interesting post by Steve Lawson (librarian) about libraries and eBooks.

I have been a fan of libraries for years and, since getting a Kindle to provide a handy interface, have been appreciating eBooks too. Libraries are under threat in many places at the moment as apparently myopic bureaucrats consider whether they can make some short-term savings by shutting services down. Can it be that they are truly educated but never have felt the magic of entering a library?

Libraries also face a threat from new technologies which means the printed word no longer encompasses the written word and is likely to recede further in the future. The other group under threat from this are traditional publishers; I like the way Lawson (and Jastram) propose avoiding library access to eBooks being linked in with the precarious fates of the publishers.


  1. Thanks for the link and the thoughtful comments. It’s true that new technologies threaten the way we have always done things. Most librarians are hoping that it means we can now do things better, but we have to be smart and careful about how it’s done.

    And a guy couldn’t ask for a better googleganger than @solobasssteve.

  2. You’re lucky, it’s quite humbling to put your name into Google and find everyone but yourself 😉

    I can’t discuss eBooks sensibly, I’m afraid. I have to hold a book, feel its weight in my hand, physically turn the pages, smell the new print, or smell the fustiness of old books…. I could go on 🙂