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What’s in a name?

I was pondering why I find the naming of things, particularly plants, so fascinating. I think the reason I find it so satisfying to pin down an identification is that this information is a key to knowledge. When you know the name of a plant, you can find out more about its care, its medicinal and edible uses and how it relates to other plants. If you only know it as “that yellow flower”, you can still admire it but miss out on sharing in others experience of it.


  1. My mum always amazed me with her knowledge of plant names, all self-taught – but she also had ‘pet-names’ for plants that I remember more easily but they don’talways  help when I’m trying to find the true identity of a plant 🙂

    • I love the rich variety of names that can be associated with each plant but the Latin binomial system has certain advantages when it comes to the study of them.