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Double Bloom Day

Two flowers have got their timing right to get me my June Bloom Day badge on the Folia website. The one I had been expecting for a few days was this Cosmos bipinnatus:

White cosmos flower with yellow centre

Cosmos bipinnatus

We were given it last year, shortly after we moved into our new house. I did not note when it flowered but I don’t think it was until sometime in July. I harvested the seeds and got them off to an early start and this morning was the first time the flower has been fully open.

The bonus flower was a bloom on our flax (Linum perenne). I had not noticed these flowers developing; in fact, this one comes from one of the weaker looking plants which is rather overshadowed by a surrounding forest of cornflowers:

Blue flax flower on a green background

Linum perenne

Blooming glorious!


  1. I love blue flax! It produces so many flowers for such a long time period. Since yours is just getting started, you’ll have a long time left to enjoy it while it keeps getting better and better.

  2. Hi i just learned there is a white cosmos, what we only have here are yellows, orange and pinks. I wonder if it is also very much loved by butterflies like the yellows and orange. That Linum is so unique, but we dont have it here. Happy Bloom Day, thanks.

  3. The photo of the lone flax blossom is very special… I always loved them but no longer have them in the garden… I need to seed some as it really brings back garden memories from years long since past… Larry

  4. The Limum bloomed in my garden 6 weeks ago. Very nice dependable plant. Mine are somewhat shaded out also. 

  5. Both are beautiful…Cosmos is probably my favorite annual of all time…there is something so pure and lovely about them!

  6. You may only have two but their nice ones……..I love cosmos, especially white

    • There is more blooming – these were the two which happened to open for the first time yesterday. June is a lovely floral month in the garden – my only worry is that nothing else might live up to it!