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Rhubarb Curd

Our rhubarb patch has been very productive. One of the by-products of processing a recent harvest was a small jar of smoky pink rhubarb juice, which struck me as a perfect flavour to use in my slow-cook curd recipe.

It worked and I got a well set curd with a subtle rhubarb flavour. However, the colour was not what I expected. It was not the strong yellow of a lemon curd but came nowhere near the pink of the juice either; I think the best description would be ivory.

Perhaps I should not be surprised; my recent attempt at a lime curd worked well on the taste front but also came out looking pretty much like lemon curd (rather than the subtle green the book had promised). Maybe that is why lemon is the flavouring of choice; fighting against all that butter and egg yolk, you would need an intense colour to win out in the mix.

Hmmnnn…. beetroot curd anyone? (Not with my beetroot through — they are a white variety)


  1. Great idea, shame about the colour though – it changes your perception of what it will taste like?
    So…how does it taste? 😉

    • To be honest, the rhubarb taste is so subtle that I’m not sure I would pick it out unless I knew it was in there. I might try again but will definitely increase the ratio of rhubarb juice.

      • Everytime I comment on here I’m soemone different! 😉 You know who I am though.

        Apparently Rhubarb will take on other tastes, which makes me wonder if that’s why the taste is so subtle. It’s good to try these things though.