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How was the composting workshop on Saturday I (rhetorically) hear you ask? Very good, thank you. I cannot say that I learned a lot but then I have been composting for years, have read numerous books on the subject and recently studied it as part of my horticulture course. It was still worth going as a refresher and to see how they approach the subject at a National Trust property and fairly large scale garden. It was definitely worth the £5 admission fee and would be much more valuable still for someone relatively new to the practice of turning garden waste into garden gold.


  1. Hmm… just catching up and was excited to hear you were going on a composting course, thinking you’d come back with new ideas 😉 I guess composting is as old as the hills though, and why reinvent the wheel?  🙂

    • Nature does most of the work so successful composting boils down to providing a reasonable mixture of ingredients (with nitrogen-rich ‘green’ and carbon-rich ‘brown’ components), turning it once in a while, keeping moisture levels reasonable and giving it some time.

      One area in which I slightly depart from common wisdom is that I do include some cooked food scraps and I haven’t noticed any problem with rats. However, to be fair, the level of those is pretty low (we don’t waste much food so it will only be things like what gets rinsed out of a saucepan and caught in the sink plug guard) so maybe that is partly why it has not been an issue.