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Folk Jam

Not long now until the next Foolish Folk jam, hosted by Peter and the Wulf down at the Isis Farmhouse near Iffley Lock. It takes place on Sunday evening (the third Sunday of the month) from about 7pm (or perhaps a touch earlier) until about 9pm. Musicians are welcome to come and long and join in or lead off on a song or two. The musicians sit round a table or two rather than standing on a stage to perform and so it is also an opportunity for anyone who would like to enjoy a drink on a Sunday evening with live music in the background rather than a juke box.

By the way, with a number of other gigs getting lined up at the end of November, it looks like the next proper gig in the Foolish Folk series at the Isis will be at the end of January next year — watch this space for details.


  1. That sounds a lot like the jam I used to go to. I’m trying to start one nearer home (actually at the pub across the road). We had a first attempt this week, but I didn’t publicise it much and some people I did talk to couldn’t make it. There were a few of us there, so we still did some songs.

    I’m going to try again as it’s fun when it works. I’m keeping it open to all kinds of acoustic music. I know there are a few musicians in our village who I would like to get there.

  2. I think it is a very healthy thing to have on. The Isis is doubly healthy because there is no vehicular access so you have to walk or cycle there!

    Hope your attempts work – having such an event just across the road would be doubly convenient.