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That’s a Wrap

It’s been a busy day: church in the morning, back for a brief lunch and then to church again for a rehearsal and the carol service. There was only an hour between the last two, so I decided to stick around and do some guitar practise for the contemporary song we had in the service. It wasn’t so much that I needed to learn the song (Light of the World by Tim Hughes, a tune I’m very familiar with) but that I wanted to get a good tone. I discovered a wacky auto-modulating effect, which I didn’t use, and a relatively subtle overdriven sound that I did, not that any probably heard me as what sounds loud in an empty church gets drowned out when the building is full.

Lots of practising had gone in for the carols and I think it paid off; no major clangers and some beautiful sounds issuing forth. That’s the last of my formal engagements for the year wrapped up, although I’m sure I’ll do some more singing and playing before the New Year edges round.

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