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3D Garden

I took some more photos of the garden for my “Looking Down” series this morning, showing the scene under a blanket of snow.

An animation showing two similar views of the garden, creating a 3D effect

3D Garden

I noticed that I had a couple of photos with only a small difference in position between them. Viewed as a simple animation it creates the illusion of three dimensions.


  1. Impressive! But slightly unnerving too ­čśë

  2. Is there a way to plan this “properly”? ┬áI love these 3D images from animation and would love to know how to do one delibrately┬á

    • I think the way to do it would be to think of the camera replacing each your your eyeballs in turn. Take a shot looking through the viewfinder with one eye and put one of the markers on a distinct feature somewhere in the scene then repeat using the viewfinder over the other eye but with the same marker. You should get two fields of view that are a couple of inches apart.

      To practise, just look at the scene blinking one eye and then the other!