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Lidl is a funny sort of place to go grocery shopping; alongside the regular shelves of products they have aisles full of goods that change from week to week. Typically they provide a decent combination of low prices and reasonable quality. This weekend we have picked up a couple of corner units to provide attractive storage for our bathroom. The only problem is that the deals don’t last very long; we got one on Friday and I had to pop back on Saturday otherwise we might have missed the deal and been unable to find a matching unit for another corner in the room. I won’t complain though – the nearest I could find on the Homebase website wasn’t really what we wanted and twice the price.

We just have to be careful not to shop in Lidl too often too avoid getting carried away with deals we don’t really need.


  1. I got a nice guitar case and stand when Lidl were doing musical stuff a while back, but I don’t generally monitor what they have each week. My dad used to go there regularly and got a few bargains, but probably also bought stuff he didn’t really need. I just don’t get to the shops very often generally.

    • Certainly going to the shops less option is a good strategy for buying less. Getting organic fruit and veg boxes is probably making a small saving even though the actual cost of the goods is more than we would have been paying simply because it means we only have to venture out to the shops every two or three weeks for tins, bottles, etc.