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Falling Petrol Prices

I have to admit that my deeply held belief that petrol prices only ever ratchet up seems to be on slightly shaky ground. I refilled for 131.9p per litre earlier this evening at a local filling station (Sainsbury’s, Heyford Hill). I remember prices the best part of ten pence higher only two or three months ago.

Mind you, at times like these, I love to be wrong. I won’t protest at all if we wind back a few more months of over-inflation.


  1. Unleaded is 128.9 at Sainbury’s in Letchworth. With the mileage I do any saving is welcome. I’m trying to go a bit slower and saw some improvement in MPG. Stats obsessive that I am I have a spreadsheet of all my fill-ups 🙂

    • I haven’t been quite that organised – I only work out my MPG rate once in a while. When thinking about efficiency, do you look more at speed or at the average RPM rate?

      • I like to see if what I do makes any difference, but factors like bad traffic can mess up the figures. I’d love to have an MPG display in the car, but not going to spend lots on adding one. You can get gadgets that plug into the diagnostic port and send lots of data via Bluetooth, but that won’t work with my phone.

        I tend to go by speed rather than RPM. I shift into 5th as soon as possible (around 40mph)