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Freedom Muffins

That’s what I called the baked goods I took to last night’s home group social. Mary Berry’s blueberry muffin recipe but with fresh blackberries (liberated from a patch of scrubland on the way home from work, hence the name) for the fruit. Similar colour, lovely taste and only a little bit on the pippy side.

We also took our low calorie lasagne, inspired by a recent episode of The Hairy Dieters (the Hairy Bikers on their very successful mission to shed some excess weight). The red sauce did contain meat but that was balanced with my no-oil ratatouille; the white sauce was onion and bay infused milk thickened with some cornflour rather than a butter and flour roux with milk; the pasta sheets were replaced with leaves of cooked cabbage and the cheese was kept to a minimal sprinkling on top but with the addition of nutmeg to boost the flavour.

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