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I’ve been looking for a radio for the kitchen for sometime now. Originally I was planning to get a DAB radio but, having spent sometime reviewing the technical details I decided that the premium price wasn’t worth it for my needs (and the increased power demand was definitely less than appealing).

Instead, I ended up picking up vintage look radio from Sainsburys last night, on offer at just shy of a tenner. The key features I required were FM reception (most of my listening is Radio 4), battery and mains power (so I have the option if I want to use it further afield than the kitchen) and a line-in socket. The last one is most important of all; as well as radio, I want a way of listening to audio tracks on my smartphone while working in the kitchen but without being tethered to headphones.

This device meets all of those needs. Not only does that give a substantial saving over the cheapest DAB radio with a line-in socket but it also has a cool vintage design vibe which works very well in the room. Bargain.

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