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Magic Keys

Quite often I find that I want to compare the contents of two windows side by side. This has involved resizing and repositioning windows to get them lined up but no longer; yesterday (working in Windows 7) I accidently pressed the Windows key and the left cursor key, which makes the active window fill the left half of the screen. Further experiments show that the right cursor key works as expected, the up key maximises the window and the down key minimises it to the task bar, shifting focus to the next available window.

That will save me some time when I am working in a Windows environment; hopefully I will find a few times to use it and reinforce the knowledge before it slips out of mind.


  1. I assume you already know about using the mouse to resize the windows by dragging them to the top, left or right of the screen?  

    I wasn’t aware of the keyboard shortcuts, but they will be useful for times when I’ve got my hands on the keyboard rather than the mouse.

    •  I knew about dragging to the top of the screen and use that a lot; I hadn’t spotted the drag to the side trick, probably because it only activates when the mouse hits the edge of the screen and I typically click somewhere on the middle of the title bar to drag a window.