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Ten Years of Scrobbling

Thanks to Steve for alerting me to the 10yearsofscrobbling.com tool. That digs back through your Last.fm profile and reports back the first track it finds. Mine was Paradise by Uriah Heep. Since I have never owned any Heep, I suspect I must have started out by listening to one of their radio channels.

Prior to scrobbling, I used to track my listening with a manually maintained blog. You can still see it, including the final message that I was upping sticks and moving across to Last.fm to track my listening. I had a strong urge to be able to give a definite answer to questions like “what have you been listening to lately?” which was hard to pin down without records (no, not those black, shiny vinyl disks!).

I am still delighted by the way Last.fm supplies me with all sorts of statistics about what I have run past my ears in the seven years since; I wish I had started ten years ago when the audioscrobbling service first became available.


  1. Are you sure about that URL?  I tried it and it didn’t work.

    In any case, external tools are not needed to view your entire Last.fm scrobbling history, as you can just click on See More / Edit at the bottom of the Recently Listened Tracks panel and then jump around to your heart’s content.  The See More links under Top Artists and Top Tracks lead to some interesting possibilities too.

    It seems that my first scrobble, back in July 2008, was of a prog rock band called Camel that I have listened to a grand total of 4 times and had entirely forgotten about.  Interestingly, my second scrobble was also Uriah Heep.  I too must have started using the Last.fm radio channels or possibly the individual track plays that used to be available at the time.

    • Do you mean the URL didn’t work (fine here) or that the site didn’t work for your username (actually also seems fine – I tried and got the same result you suggested).

      Looking back manually, I see that the second day I scrobbled (September 2007) I listened to the same Bruce Cockburn album I’m listening to now!