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Voice Recognition

I am not entirely sure what tools the voice recognition in the Android version of Evernote draws on but I have to note that it works rather well. I have just been dictating my shopping list and the success rate was impressive. It even managed Worcester Sauce — I will forgive it for missing “shire” off the end as the feat of getting from “wooster” to “Worcester” denotes a fair feat of artificial intelligence.

It did trip up on one or two items (“crazy mustard” rather than “grainy mustard”) but, since I was standing next the rumbling washing machine, I think some allowances have to be maid. Sorry, made!

One Comment

  1. Don’t tend to get these problems with the back of an envelope. There is such a thing as an complicated over-engineered solution to a simple problem. Spot the technologist. 🙂

    btw, you could probably save on a shopping trip by growing your own crazy mustard https://www.goodeggs.com/digest/post/37790146958/a-side-of-rice-crazy-mustard-greens-homemade-oyster