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Not Even Close Rhymes

Poetry is full of rhymes and near rhymes but some words call for “not even close” rhymes:

There was a old lady from Milver
Bedecked with gold, jewels and silver
Fantastically wealthy
Long-lived and healthy
She was courted by the crown prince of Orange


  1. Have you played Monkey Island 3? There’s a sea-shanty rhyming section that can only be won with judicious use of non-rhyming words… :o)

  2. Also reminds me of this limerick:

    There was an old man from Dunoon
    Who always ate soup with a fork
    He said, “As I eat
    Neither fish, fowl nor flesh
    I should finish my dinner too quick”

  3. I’ve played one of the Monkey Island games, although I can’t remember which one.