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Halfway Round the World… Down the M40

Jane and I toured the world the easy way today, by driving down the M40, round a junction on the M25, along the M4 towards London and bypassing Heathrow’s international airport in favour of spending a day with the Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor celebration that was being hosted by their Southall team. We know one of their members, Daniel, from his links with St Clement’s and it was both fascinating and challenging to hear what they are doing and news from some of the others teams that are more obviously located in parts of Asia — although, if you know Southall, you know that it has demographic characteristics that make it much more than a random choice.

In particular, I will be pondering the five values each of the Servants groups keeps in mind: creativity, celebration, beauty, grace and rest. Not a bad handful of things to build into your foundation.


    • Not from me, I’m afraid. However, Daniel is hoping to visit St Clement’s in about three weeks time so, better than a photo, we’ll get to see him in person.