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Moving Home

Not literally! However, I am exploring making a virtual move from my longstanding web-den.org.uk domain to the ever so slightly shorter webden.org.uk.

When I originally sought a personal domain name, I had already established my Webden identity but webden.org.uk was being used by someone else (I think it was a church youth group in North London) and so I settled for web-dash-den. Recently I’ve suffered some problems with malware on my websites and cleaning up has been hard work, not least because I kept getting blocked by the hosting company when trying to change swathes of files to replace potentially infected ones with clean copies.

Blackfoot have served me well for over a decade but, having been a professional webmaster for all of that time, I’ve picked up a few tricks and techniques which they don’t provide with the tools to use. In particular, I want secure shell (SSH) access to work directly on my site, secure FTP (SFTP) to protect my communications with the site and Python scripting, not least to write some little programs to do some automatic monitoring so I don’t get caught again. If I just ran the blog, I think Blackfoot would probably still serve well but I am now setting up a second home with 1&1, which gives me all the tools I need and might even work out a little cheaper.

There isn’t much to see just yet as I am still testing the waters but do take a look at http://www.webden.org.uk/ which is beginning to shape up as my new hub.

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