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Getting to the venue for yesterday’s meeting, Hertford College, was made more interesting by the street outside being used for the filming of another episode of the Inspector Morse prequel, Endeavour. They had an old fashioned bus and an old fashioned newspaper stand set up outside the Bodleian with a headline about some dramatic sounding murder. Seeing the crowds of onlookers, capturing the moment with their smartphones, I am even more impressed at how well the series conjures up the Oxford of 50 years ago.

I didn’t see any of the stars of the show but, then, my purpose for being there was not to spectate but to get ready to present, which went very well. As a bonus, since the standard access route was affected by the film crew, I got a short guided tour over the the Bridge of Sighs and through on of the many fascinating quadrangles that makes me wonder if the TARDIS was fashioned after the internal architecture of Oxford Colleges (feeling decidedly bigger on the inside that you might guess from outside the walls).

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