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Waterproof Trousers

Looking out of the window this morning it looks gloriously autumnal and dry. It should be a pleasant cycle to work today. We have had quite a few wet mornings recently though. Sometimes I draw on the flexibility of my job, drop an email to the office and work at home until it eases off; some things require my presence in the office but I always have a list of tasks that require concentration, can be done from anywhere and might, in fact, be best away from the distractions of the office environment.

If I do cycle in through the rain, I normally rely on the fact that the walking trousers I habitually wear dry off fairly quickly, even after a thorough soaking. I do also have a pair of waterproof trousers but I have eschewed them in the past because I was concerned that I’d make up for rain with sweat and still arrive damp. Too much information? Experimental results from earlier this week suggest that this is not actually the case. I thought the trousers were getting soaked through but didn’t reckon on their effective lining; I am pleased to note that I didn’t suffer the feared side effects.

Next time the weather is less inviting outside but I need to get in for a meeting or to upload some work, I now have a better option than soaking it up and hoping it won’t take too long to dry!

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