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What’s in a Vegetarian Hotdog?

That intrigued me when Jane and I recently visited The Gardeners Arms in Oxford, a backstreet pub which offers vegetarian dining. I suspect the answer is somewhat healthier than the contents of an allegedly non-vegetarian hotdog but we ended up choosing other options: a spinach and mozzarella puff pastry pie and a bean chilli.

Both were very decent plates of food, certainly a few steps above average pub grub. I also enjoyed a delicious pint of “Innocent” golden ale, hopped in such a way to bring an elegant citrus note rather than bitterness. The setting is a rather dated looking pub, decorated with old LPs rather than horse brasses but it was cosy and friendly. If it were closer I think it might be a place I’d happily visit more often, and I am still a committed omnivore, but I will definitely keep it in mind if I want to go out for a meal with friends who would appreciate good meat-free options rather than a single option.

Oh, and I’d still like to try one of those hotdogs.


  1. Carrot in a roll? :o)

  2. With Swiss roll for pudding? :o)