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Worn Out

Not me but my Bass Pod XT unit, which I would formerly have described as trusty. For a year or so it had a missing line of pixels on the display and then, at a rehearsal last week, it started acting very oddly so I took it out of the loop and plugged directly into the amp. The next day I could start it up but not control it, even to use as a tuner.

This did mean a couple of my other pedals got an outing on Sunday (hurrah for my DL-6 and SansAmp Bass Driver DI) but I decided that I did need a few more tools in the box, not least a tuner and the ability to mute the signal before unplugging my bass. It turns out that the Bass Pod is now a discontinued item and, although the issue might just be down to the power supply, it is unusual enough that I couldn’t easily track down a known good one to test with.

The long and the short of it is that, thanks to an incredibly speedy delivery from Music Gear (via Amazon) I was able to start playing around with my new Zoom B3 this evening. It will take a little more work to build a collection of suitable patches but I’m impressed so far – a sturdy construction, relatively intuitive interface and even a looper and drum machine built in.

  • vancheese

    This Pedal Looks Awesome – Any chance of some sounds being posted here?

    • basswulf

      It’s going to be a week or two before I settle on my core sounds but there are plenty of videos on YouTube (an exhaustive one going through ALL the patches and rhythms here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l18PAQqOMBU)

    • vancheese

      Any feedback a few months done the road?

      • basswulf

        The first box developed a fault in early May (hopefully a rare one – I couldn’t find any other references to it online) but it was swapped out without complaint and I’m getting the replacement tweaked to my liking. As long as this one keeps going somewhat longer, then I’m very happy with it.