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When Exporting

Just a quick note to self tonight. When exporting a project or set from Ableton to share with another person (as I did at tonight’s String Project rehearsal), the optimum route is to save the work to an intermediary location like the desktop (I keep my desktop clear of distractions – it isn’t my default file store!) and then open that version and check that all the required media files are gathered in before copying to a memory stick.

The first time I tried it tonight, I gathered the files then saved a copy to the desktop, copied across to Ben’s machine and then discovered that all the unique media files were missing. Oops! Easy to solve but I’ll try and remember the improved workflow next time (and, ideally, get that set before leaving the house rather than trying to rush it during the tea break!).


  1. Use “Collect All and Save” to gather together all the necessary files, presets, etc. in one location. Great tip for archiving Ableton sets.

    • Does that work differently to trying to collect the files via the Ableton file manager? I’d tried doing that but think I lost the media files when I saved a copy. Loving the program by the way – a very clever little tool.