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Does Satan need Santa’s coat?

I think I first tried Linux in about 1998. It has come on a long way since then, doing everything my inner geek could want. While there are a few programs that don’t run or have direct analogues on Linux, if I had to choose and didn’t need to keep up my cross-platform skills, I would have no qualms about switching to Linux full time rather than just a lot of the time, via virtual environments.

For most of that decade and a half I have been waiting for Microsoft to release a version of Linux. “When hell freezes over!”, you might say but reports suggest that Old Nick might soon be needing some warmer attire. Apple has captured the imagination but seems to be grasping around to try and find the next big idea; Microsoft is no longer the monopoly it once was and has to adapt to being part of a heterogeneous computing environment. Meanwhile, Linux FTW!

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