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Left and Right

It is a few days on since my recent post about the Opera web browser and I’ve finally got round to making a bit more use of it.

By and large, things work as expected. Most of the time, it doesn’t make much difference which browser I use as far as the experience of using the web goes. One thing that is a niggle is that Opera puts the close icon on the left of each tab while Firefox (and Chrome, my other occasional browser) put it on the right. That isn’t a major challenge but I can see it leading to sometimes closing the wrong tab down! As a safety net, at least Opera (like other modern browsers) has the option of opening a recently closed tab – indeed, it appears there is even a shortcut (Cmd-Shift-T) to perform that rescue.

I’ll have to dig a bit more into the help and see what features I could be utilising that I don’t know about. One area I would count as a win though is the battery saver option. It seems to use roughly half the energy of Firefox, based on the details reported by my Mac and with a roughly comparable set of pages. More investigation to follow…

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