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Septale verdict

How did that Septale brew work out you might ask (although I suspect that wasn’t the question on your mind)? Unlike some of my previous brews, I don’t think I’ll be proudly touting the bottles among friends. It definitely has a sour edge and, if I encountered it in a pub, I probably would be tempted to send it back although, in practice, I’d probably just nurse the pint and vow not to buy another. It doesn’t have the easy quaff-ability of some of the other brews I’ve managed to concoct.

However, it does manage a hint of some of those Belgian lambics I was pondering. Sipped and savoured it is actually quite pleasant although smaller bottles might have been a better option. Next year I might pasteurise the crab apples a bit longer but, while not the best beer I’ve come up with, I won’t be put off returning to the concept.

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