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Myrtle Gin for 2017

I harvested berries from my myrtle bushes today to make another batch of myrtle gin. I’m using a similar mix to last time but I’ve tried to use a little less sugar. I’ve also thrown in some fresh ginger to infuse.

Now, I have a few weeks of regularly shaking the bottle, then decanting it and then about six months to find out what the result is. Well, perhaps one or two early samples allowed!


  1. I’ve got some sloe gin maturing at the moment which I started back in October. I fairly recently decanted it off the sloes (only about a fortnight later than planned) and I’m now patiently waiting for it to mature. I’ve only got one smallish bottle of it so I can’t afford too many early tests!

    • It’s worth going a bit larger on these kind of things if you can. I’m hoping to get… well, at least two small bottles out of mine!

      • I didn’t want to use too much gin on my first try of the recipe. Next time, I’ll maybe try to get a couple of bottles (and put a bit of ginger in one of them, perhaps).