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How Many Guitars to Take?

The vital lead to charge my Variax battery turned up on time last Thursday and I’ve had a bit of time to mess around with all the different sounds. However, now I’ve got the first outing for the new instrument coming up – leading the music at church this Sunday morning – so, as well as thinking about what songs to use, I also need to consider what sounds would work best.

I’ll try to resist too much messing around – probably just one electric and one acoustic sound, and perhaps twelve string models for both electric and acoustic too (no keys this Sunday so there will be room with the guitar / bass / drums basic combo). Electric sitar? No, probably too much in the first instance…

One Comment

  1. Sitar would work well for an intro or a Nigel tufnell-esq “listen to the flower people” solo !! Birds esq 60s folk could also work!

    The sounds all depend on your style of playing, I’m not a huge fan of an strummed-like-an-acoustic clean electric guitar so I usually play a hybrid of mumford&sons and RHCP (back from when they were good)
    Can we hear some sounds from the axe?